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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for the Barbados Identification Card

You must be a citizen of Barbados


A non-national who has been granted permission by the Chief Immigration Officer to reside in Barbados for a period of not less than six (6) months for the purpose of work or study.

What documents are required for registration?

Documents in support of your name:

An original birth certificate with your current name OR a valid Barbados passport with your current name.

If your name has changed you will also have to present where applicable:

  • Registrar’s Certificate (For a change of name done under the Change of Name Act).
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Registered Deed Poll
  • Decree Absolute
  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Register of Adopted Persons Certificate

If you are a non-national resident, you are required to present documents in support of your name and the applicable documents in support of your residential status. These documents include the Immigration stamp in your passport and one of the following:

i. Citizenship document

ii. Permanent Resident Certificate

iii. Immigrant Status Certificate

iv. CARICOM Skilled Graduate Certificate

iv. Work Permit Certificate

v. Student Visa Entry Permit

vi. Caricom Skilled Graduate Status

vii. Right to Establishment Permit

viii. CDB Staff & Dependants

ix. Special Entry Permit

x. Reside & Work Certificate

xi. The Barbados Welcome Stamp

What documents are Non-Barbadian citizens required to produce when registering?

i. An original birth certificate OR a valid passport.

ii. An original document, which is valid for 6 months or more, indicating the status given by the Barbados Immigration Department.

What documents are needed to change information on my card?
  • For a change in Date of Birth, Birth Certificate must be presented.
  • For a change of name by marriage, a Marriage Certificate must be presented.
  • For a change of name by divorce, a Decree Absolute and a Birth Certificate must be presented.
  • For a change of name for any other reason, an Affidavit, Immigration Document, a Birth Certificate, Deed Poll or a Registrar’s Certificate can be presented.
Under what circumstances is an Identification Card replaced?

Replacement cards are issued where:

    1. The photograph no longer bears close resemblance to the holder.
    2. The ID card holder reaches 65 years of age.
    3. The I.D. card holder has a change in date of birth, change of name or change in immigration status.
    4. The I.D. card holder receives a new work permit, student visa or other immigration status document.
    5. The I.D. Card is lost, defaced or destroyed.

NOTE: Non- nationals are required to produce the original status documents from the Barbados Immigration Department when applying for a replacement card.

Under what circumstances is an I.D. card not replaced?

Where the holder of the I.D. card has applied to have a Work Permit or Student Visa upgraded and has been issued with a Visitor’s Visa.

What is the fee for replacing an I.D. Card?

Adult Identification Card: Replacement


Minor Barbados Identification Card: Replacement


Change from Minor Identification card to Adult Barbados Identification Card

i.   If the minor has returned previous card to the commission

ii.   If the minor has not returned previous card to the commission

i.  No charge

ii.  $25.00

Who can register a child under sixteen (16) years of age?
  1. A parent who is over the age of sixteen (16) years or
  2. A guardian who is over the age of eighteen (18) years.

The parent or guardian must produce:-

      i. child’s original birth certificate or a valid passport.

       ii. and parent’s/ guardian’s I.D. card

NOTE: A parent who is a registrant (has an I.D. card) must sign for the child. However, if neither parent qualifies for a Barbados I.D. card, then a qualified guardian can sign for the child, in the presence of the parent, until either parent qualifies.

What if I become a citizen after having an I.D card?

You will receive a new I.D. card on submission of the citizenship document and the previously held I.D. card.

What is the Dress Code for taking an Identification Card photograph?

A person shall not: 

  1. Wear tinted spectacles or any other form of tinted eye glasses, shades or any other form of tinted or cosmetic eye covering which obscure or change the eyes while being photographed; nor
  2. Cover his ears with his hair or wear a hat, cap, shawl, scarf or any other form of covering for the head except for religious purposes; nor 
  3. Wear a garment which does not cover the shoulders while being photographed.
Under what circumstances is a fee paid for replacing an I.D. card?

A fee is paid for replacing an I.D. card which is lost, defaced or destroyed.

This fee is waived for persons 65 years and over.

Where and when can I register?

Registration occurs form Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8:30am – 4:00pm, on the 1st floor of Warrens Tower II, St. Michael.

What are the registration services offered?

The office provides the following services:

  1. New registration for Adults and children under sixteen (16) years of age
  2. Amendments to registrations

                 i. Change of Name

                 ii. Change of Address

                 iii. Change of National Registration Number

 3.  Replacement of Identification Card. 

What other services are offered?

Other services include the sale of Registers of Electors and the sale of General Election Reports.